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Products and Services


What we do

Stock Trading
We execute, buy and sell transactions for high net worth individuals and organizations with a commitment to speed, precision and professionalism as our core service objective.

Discretionary Portfolio Management
We offer this service for clients who wish to manage their portfolio with Anchoria fully on a discretionary basis. Anchoria will therefore not need to seek their consent in order to take and execute individuals’ investment decisions on their behalf in the management of their portfolio to achieve their stated investment objectives.

Non Discretionary Portfolio Management
We offer this service for clients who want to retain control of their investment decisions. Anchoria will need their express consent before implementing any specific individual investment decisions on this portfolio. Anchoria will provide advice and recommendation as necessary but retain the decision-making authority.

Dedicated Scrip Management
We offer this service only to our clients with portfolio in excess of N20 million. We dedicate our experienced personnel to work to ensure timely delivery of Scrip Issues, dividend payments and rectify other Scrip Nominees to ensure that the time value of money is maximized.

Bonds Trading
We are positioned to deal with primary and secondary market bond investments for our corporate and individual clients that require diversification of their portfolio into fixed income instruments. We also assist in the purchase of Treasury Bills, Promissory Notes and Commercial Papers for clients who wish to diversify their investment portfolio.

Estate Shares Management

Advisory Services
We provide advisory services to our clients on asset management, succession planning, private banking requirement, tax planning, mergers and acquisition.

Primary Market
We are positioned to serve as a receiving Agent and Stockbroker to public offers..

OTC Trading
We are Member of National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) Ltd and expert in the over the counter trading of unquoted shares. We are well positioned to sell and buy unquoted shares and with our assistance your certificate is as good as cash.

We are aware that the successfully management of a financial portfolio is less about the specific investment instrument chosen but more about assest allocation. Understanding the client allows us to recommend a customized approach that works for the specific individual’s circumstances and investment objectives. This is why, we at Anchoria, aim to select a basket of securities that will contribute to the investor’s objectives within an acceptable level of risk.

We attach great importance to personal discussion with our clients, as we believe it is the only way to create a relationship of mutual trust, which, in the end, will lead to the most successful investment portfolios.

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