Monthly Payments

it’s a service that lets you make small monthly payments into your Anchoria Trading account

Stock Purchase

It lets you purchase stocks on a monthly basis starting with just N50,000

Portfolio Diversification

We can also help place your funds in Treasury Bills for a thorough portfolio diversification

How It Works

Anko Portfolio Builder offers you a plethora of benefits

It is a total discretionary portfolio management service
It consists of equity and fixed income products
Invest either lump sums or make regular monthly payments; or a combination of the two
With regular monthly payments you can start your portfolio with as little as N50,000 and then a minimum of N10,000, subsequently, which can be deferred at any time on request
The account will be opened in your personal name or can be a nominee service for investment clubs

Who Can Benefit?

The Anko Portfolio Builder is targeted at:

Individuals with regular income
Individuals who are looking to build a portfolio for a future need e.g retirement, child’s education.


Anko Portfolio Builder offers you a plethora of benefits

Achieve valuable returns over a long term
Eradicates anxiety over purchases. Purchasing ever so often helps to smooth out the volatility of the market in the long term
It enables investors to secure and preserve capital and guide against wastage
It enables investors achieve stable and consistent income flows
It enables investors reduce cost of investment as brokerage commission is reduced and negotiated
It enables investors enjoy other services freely, such as making investment decision, collecting dividend warrant and share certificates
Nominee service available


All investments carry a varying degree of risk. It is important that you understand the risks inherent in equity investments. Stocks are subject to upward and downward movements; and past performance should not be used as a guide for future performance. Anchoria Investment and Securities has a team of dedicated professionals with experience and we aim to balance, and properly diversify our clients portfolio.

Cost Implication

  1. No management fee
  2. Incentive fee is 10% of the total return in excess of 10% of the net value of the portfolio per annum
  3. Brokerage commission is a maximum of 1.35%. This reduces subject to an increase in total value of trades

Terms and Conditions

  • You can ask for a withdrawal from your portfolio at any time; all you need do is provide a sales mandate or write to us
  • Your cheque will be ready for collection in T+3 days (that is, day the trade is executed plus 3 working days for clearing)
  • Charges may be varied within set limits. You will be notified in writing 60 days in advance of any changes to these charges

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