All the Basics You Need to Know

What is an FGN Savings Bond ?
FGN savings bond is a bond issued by the Debt Management Office (DMO) on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The bond is tailored and targeted at retail investors with guaranteed quarterly interest payment and repayment of the principal at maturity.

What is the purpose of the FGN Savings Bond?
. FGN Savings Bond helps deepen the national savings culture
. It provides the opportunity to all citizens, irrespective of income level, . to contribute to National Development
. It also enables all citizens participate in and benefit from the favourable . returns available in the Capital Market
. To diversify funding sources for the Government

How can I invest in FGN Savings Bond?
We have arrangements for our client’s who want to invest in this product. Contact us to find out more.

How much can I invest?
Minimum subscription amount is ₦5,000 with additions in multiples of ₦1,000, subject to a maximum of ₦50,000,000.

Will investors be required to have a bank account?
Yes. Anyone who wants to invest in the FGN Savings Bond must have a bank account and indicate their Bank Verification Number (BVN) on subscription forms.

Will I get a bond certificate after I have bought the bond?
No. Bond holders will have their holdings credited directly into their CSCS account. This will be opened for you when you open an account with us. Please contact us for more information.

Benefits of FGN Savings Bond
. The bond earns an investor a coupon or interest income that will be paid quarterly, and directly into the investor’s bank account.
. The bond is safe and backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
. Government bonds hardly default and are considered “risk free”, so you are certain that you will get your money back in full at maturity.
. Interests are paid upfront allowing investors take advantage of time value of money
. The bond is acceptable as collateral for a loan from a bank

What are the interest rates for FGN Savings Bond?
The Debt Management Office (DMO) will announce the coupon rate on the first day of each monthly offer period. Each offer for subscription will be open for
5 days from the date of announcement. The information will be published on the DMO’s website ( and selected national dailies.

What is the tenor for FGN Savings Bond?
The FGN Savings Bond will be issued monthly, in tenors of 2 and 3 years.

When and how will my interest and principal be paid?
The interest will be paid quarterly into your bank account, while the principal will be paid at maturity to your bank account (at the end of the tenor, two or three years) depending on what duration an investor subscribed to.

Can I rollover my investment?
Yes, investors who have invested in a month’s issuance up to the maximum limit can also invest in the next month’s issuance.

Can I terminate before Maturity?
Yes you can. You do not have to hold on to the bond until maturity. If you need cash anytime during the duration of the bond, you can sell your bond via the NSE Retail Bonds market. However, the portion of the interest that you are not entitled to earn because you have sold will not accrue to you any longer. For example, if you buy March 13, 2018 and sell May 18, 2017,
because you cannot wait until March 2029 (at the maturity of the bond) to get your principal, you will only be entitled to the interest earned between March 13 and May 13, 2018.

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There are other products that you can also take advantage of like fixed deposit which has a higher interest with withholding tax on the interest. You can invest in it for any desired tenure.

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