Securities & Margins

We understand that life has a way of tugging you in a million different directions, and money is not always available. We have hand-picked the best opportunities and strategies for when life is being lived. Rest assured, we will do the heavy lifting so you may enjoy life now and in the future. 

Securities Lending

This service allows long-term holders of securities to earn additional interest income by lending shares or other securities to other investors. When a security is loaned, the borrower receives the title and ownership. It necessitates the borrower putting up collateral, which could be cash or securities. 

Margin Lending

Margin Lending can be used by clients to borrow money to invest by utilizing their existing securities as collateral without having to liquidate those securities. Under the structure, a lending institution provides a credit capacity of 65 percent at the prevailing interest rate of the specific currency involved. The purchased shares will act as collateral for the facility and will be held by the lender. We typically expect the borrowing customer to supply 35% of the required consideration for the purchase of the equities. 

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